What I Do

I have experience in multiple Graphic Design work areas. I focus on mastering skills in Graphic Design, Webdesign, Video production, 3D Design, Photography, and other creative disciplines to develop myself as a versatile Designer.
Video production
Business & Consumer
The process of creating a video, from pre-production to post-production for various types and styles of video.
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Graphic Design
Digital & Print
A wide range of Graphic Design: Brand Identity, Marketing & Advertising, Print & Publication, Web & User Interface, Illustration
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Web Design
Responsive Websites & Elements
Design and creation of User Centered websites and webpage elements.
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3D Design
3D Modelling & 3D-CAD
Creating digital models of three-dimensional objects or complete interior and exterior scenes.
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High Resolution & Photo editing
Different types of high quality photography. High resolution pictures with professional color grading and photo editing.
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